Many folks this weekend were able to take advantage of the three day weekend and do some traveling. Not Ben and I. But no worries there! I invented the concept, "re-ppreciation", much like "stay-cation", and we took advantage of all the fun stuff we have neglected for some time now.  I didn't take any photos, but I thought this idea worth noting! Trusty Savannah doings include:

• A trip to B. Matthews Eatery for THE BEST BREAKFAST in Savannah. I think I have been here long enough to declare it. Shrimp and grits to write home about.

• thrifting! We hit up our favorites that were open. We scored a tiny penny farthing sculpture, a great new beach bag, and I cool little storage cabinet.

• watching movies! I never, and I mean never, buy new DVD's, but this weekend was an exception. I bought Fantastic Mr. Fox on DVD and watched it. This movie is so amazing!

Back to work today, but the weekend helped refresh me so I can take on anything!


Benjamin C Stanley (a blog) said...
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Benjamin C Stanley (a blog) said...

Yay reppreciation!

dont forget ice cream!