Spoiler alert for "Work of Art" on Bravo

Did you see the finale for "Work of Art" last night? I think people either love or hate this show. I haven't found too many in betweeners. In fact, I think Ben and are the only avid watchers that we know of. Ok, so through the course of the season I have cringed and yelled more than once at the tv in reaction to some of the work on the show, but all in all I was very impressed with the finale. The last three artists standing, Miles, Abdi and Peregrine were worthy of competing against each other. I thought for sure Paregrine was going to take home the 100,000 grand prize with her wax-carnival themed sculptures, but Abdi swooped in with some crazy figure sculptures which really took the cake.

Although cheesy and cliche at times, I had fun watching the artists compete on the spot. It was always a challenge in school to turn work around quickly. Despite all the "suffering artist" broken record talk, I have to say that I give props to the contenders.

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