Summer look back

Now that I officially have to wear my hoodie biking to work, I realize that fall has snuck in and taken the place of summer! Now that summer is officially over, I thought it fitting to have a summer look back post reflecting on all the noteworthy summer fun these past few months. Welcome cooler weather!

Ben and I traveled with our friends Jonathan and Whitney to Florida where we visited to Kennedy Space Center. Here are some shots of our adventures.

I liked this sign. It was next to an antique store we visited in Florida.

We traveled to Florida in this. Just kidding. I wish!

The Rocket garden was surreal! It's amazing to think that all of these man made objects have traveled outside of our atmosphere. Oh to be a fly on the wall in one of those things...

 Whitney takes her first steps to board the shuttle...

That's right. Space.

We were wrapping up the day at the Kennedy Space Center and noticed this storm brewing. It really looked ominous! It poured for a while, but we were in the gift shop so it didn't really ruin our visit. Few!

We zipped down to St. Simons Island with Ben's family this year. There was a beautiful light house I snapped a shot of. Here it is!

We trekked over to Charleston for a day trip this summer. I love it there. It has historic charm but also a contemporary feel to it. We walked down King Street and then ventured over to a great little cafe named Baked and had a treat.

Hmm the Charleston trip seemed to have a baked goods theme to it. Ben found this great turquoise dish at a thrift store in Charleston which matched the rest of our kitchen stuff. THEN he baked brownies in it. What a treat! Thanks Ben.

I was working on characters for an art submission and whipped up this guy. His name is Jonezy and he is having a summer coctail. 

Let me tell you about Lake City, FL. Ben and I stopped here to break up a trip to Florida, and it turned out to be one of my most favorite places in America!

As we walked along the main street in Lake City a little barber shop caught my eye. The interior was amazing and had so many great little arrangements that I absolutely loved.

We stopped in to this little coffee house on our way out of the city. Nice facade!

We found out about this abandoned hotel from the barber who gave us permission to go explore. It turned out to be so cool! It had a beautiful creepiness to it as if you mixed The Shining and an Anthropologie photo shoot together (sans crazy people and models).

The antique mall in Lake City was stunning. Along with a ton of other treasure, Ben found this little number. Love it!

Our final destination in Lake City was the milkshake shop. The servers were absolutely the best. They made what I would like to call a "five dollar shake" but not for five dollars of course (what is this, Pulp Fiction?). We shared our shake like two teenagers in a 1950's movie and then hit the road to finish our journey. Thanks Lake City for the great experience!

We wrapped up the summer with a fun filled double wedding weekend! Yikes! We were exasperated at the end of it all but it was a blast. The first wedding was Andrea and Jon's which I was honored to participate in as a bridesmaid. Beautiful!

Photo by Whitney Dail
 The very next day we flew to Boston to see our friends Kimb and Chris get married. ANOTHER very beautiful wedding. Way to go friends! They had so many great little details going on. My favorite was the embroidered sail on this little boat by the pool. How Florida!

The dance hall was simply amazing. I jumped in there before the crowd came so I could snap a shot of the mantle they had decorated. Did I mention A dancing bear with a boom box led us there? If you know Kimb, this should not surprise you.

Thanks summer time!


Benjamin C Stanley (a blog) said...

Woohoo! Best summer ever, with the most amazing woman ever!!!


Anonymous said...

ahhh, I heart Ben's comment, and love this blog post! Thanks for the shout out...cheers to many awesome summers to come!