Screen Printing Fabric

It has been a busy few weeks here at work. I slacked on my posts last week so I feel like I owe an explanation. Well here it is! I have been working on some fabric that will be made into cushions and bolster pillows for the upcoming MANOLO BLAHNIK exhibition here at SCAD! Ooooh fun! The turn around has been very tight but I am glad to say we just wrapped the project up an hour ago. This was my first time printing yardage. It took some getting used to (and I am sore all over) but now I feel like I can print anything! Below is a photo sequence of what table printing entailed:
FIRST I had to concept ideas for pillows. These ideas had to compliment the shoes and artwork that would be displayed in the gallery. The final pattern was a design that would compliment the high end nature of Manolo's work without being too literal.

ONCE the design was chosen I picked a color that would coordinate with the light peach walls in the gallery. I did a little mock up of my vision.

Fortunately I received approvals quickly. Next I had to prepare the screen for printing. Here is the negative sitting on the light exposure unit ready to be exposed!

BAM! I exposed the screen. Here it is. These things are taller than I am! And heavy. So it feels like I have been weight lifting all day. Arg.

THEN came the printing part. I wish I could have photographed it because it is the most fun part, but it is still neat to see how the image tiles together.

It takes two people to hold the screen and pull the squeegee over it. My boss Jonathan helped me. Here is the completed fabric.

Beautiful! Now the fabric goes to the seamstress. I'll post a shot of them in the exhibition. I can't wait to see them in the gallery!