New Year New Thoughts

WOW what a year! The last few months flew by with projects and work. I am organizing myself and my thoughts so expect a review of a few things in the weeks to come now that my pace has slowed down a bit. A monthly schedule kept me motivated last year and I was able to finish several projects that had been on hold as well as take on new ones. I am going to take the same approach this year so I can maintain my momentum.
January's task—websites. My web skills are by no means well developed, however, I know enough to make some simple sites to showcase my work. I have broken my monthly goals down into weeks to stay on track. This week my goal was to design a site to showcase all my tea towel designs. Feast your eyes on hideandseekstudio.com. I want to add a lightbox so viewers can see the towel pics bigger. I have the rest of the week to figure that out. After that I will spend the next three weeks working on my long overdue portfolio site. Here's to another productive year!

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Jennifer Chong said...

oh fun! and yes i hear you on that long overdue portfolio site! :)