40 Forevers

I finally got around to developing my first roll of film from my Diana camera. There were photos on it from March! I only took about 3 good shots since I am still trying to learn the camera, and here they are.

Here is the March portion of the roll of film. Whitney, Jonathan, Ben and I went to Chicago in March for the Southern Graphics Printmaking conference. The conference was somewhat of a dud, aside from a great presentation by Space 1026, but we had fun bouncing around Chicago with each other. This was our reflection in the big silver sphere in Millenium park. This piece, Cloud Gate, is an outdoor instillation by British artist Anish Kapoor.

Mystery legs. You know who you are.

This is the record player corner of our apartment. Old suitcases inspire me to travel and I love having them floating around. I have way too many. And of course, I love letters. Two of my favorites.